usa roadtrip

boys at big sur

arches national park

the redwoods of northern california


brian stuck in the sand dunes in oregon

antelope canyon

lebron james

the boys in big sur

bryce canyon

glacier national park in montana


rivers of zion

flash rain in zion

going 88 in a 70, september court date

second time being pulled over

balling with local kids

grand canyon

tires getting fixed

bob here took the tire and poked an even bigger hole in it in order to patch it

right front tire popped in wyoming

salt lake city

met jake in salt lake

rest stop, michael lost his shirt

monument valley

grand teton

kyrie irving


glass beach

the residents in this california small town use to dump their bottles into the beaches here and it eroded into smooth glass rocks

garlic roasted oysters

grand canyon

big sur