Richard Chen

Black & White

When I first shot on black and white film in a photography class, I absolutely hated it. The fact that it took so long to develop, scan, and print on top of the fact you don’t get to see the 36 images right away when you’re shooting it. Digital was just much easier on every single level.

Many years later after shooting my first roll at the age of fifteen, film grew on me. Then black and white film grew on me. There’s something about just worrying about the lighting and composition in the scene that makes photography such an enjoyable experience. The limited shots in a film roll make you more disciplined, and the wait makes the images more worthwhile to really look back on. Here are my best shots shot on black and white film.

my favourite b/w films: xp2, trix 400, hp5

Nia and Malcom

my grandpa’s building

grandma looking at granpa